Zuzana Hrubošová M.Sc. of textile engineering


" I grew up loving the architecture, dance, art and nature. These themes are incorporated into my various designs with consideration of movement, form and function, and a sustainable future. 



" I work exclusively with fine, natural textiles, including sustainable fabrics, and all of my pieces are constructed in Europe. 



" My head art studio is situated near the capital city of Czech Republic, Prague, Europe.​ 





2017 The University of Mauritius

Scientific Ph.D internship, 3D smart applications for visual disable people. 

2016 - 2018 International society for Engineering pedagogy, Austria

Engineering Pedagogy, Paed. IGIP.

2013 - 2019 Technical university of Liberec Czech Republic, Europe

Ph.D study in material engineering. Student, researcher.

Smart textile applications for blind people.


2011- 2013 Technical university of Liberec Czech Republic, Europe

Textile engineering - apparel design, smart textiles. Master of science degree in textiles.


2008 – 2011 Technical university of Liberec Czech Republic,Europe.

Textile and fashion design. Bachelor degree.


2004 – 2008 College of applied art in Ružomberok Slovak Republic, Europe 

Pattern and fashion design. Finished with school leaving examination.









Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, USA 


PWC Crash Course of Business Thinkin’, Prague, CZ, EU


Presentation and propagation of  science and research (KIT  TOP project ), Liberec, CZ, EU  


Team leading, Liberec, CZ, EU 


Time management, Liberec, CZ, EU 


Science presenting, Liberec, CZ, EU 




March 2017 Krakow Fashion Week, Poland.

September 2016 Certificate for Creativity in fashion and textile design, University Krakow, Poland.

September 2016 Fashion designer of the year 2016, 1st place, Ružomberok, Slovakia.

March 2016 Prix International Théophile Legrand de l’Innovation Textile, 2nd place , Paris.

January 2016 Fashion & Design Festival, International exhibition, Prague 



August 2015 Expo Milano 2015, High tech collection with using optical fibres. Italy.


March 2015 Vancouver BC fashion week, Collection Pulse. Canada.


July 2014 ARcolor fashion show, Collection mould. Prague, Czech Republic, EU.


August 2013 Men´s fashion week Ramos & Fortier. Collection touch & go Vancouver BC, Canada.


June 2013 Patent for smart textile for blind. Liberec, Czech Republic.


September 2012 Dupont Prague, 1st prize in competition for "Safety harness jump in" special product, Czech Republic, Europe.


August 2012 Vancouver, BC men’s fashion week Ramos & Fortier. Collection maps. Vancouver museum of art,  Vancouver, BC, Canada.


June 2012 Cowork with African architects, benefit fashion show. Prague, Czech Republic, EU.


June 2011 International grand finale Arcolor, Geo collection. Prague, Czech Republic, EU.


June 2011 International grand finale Triumph inspiration award, Golden cage collection of lingerie. Prague, Czech Republic, EU.


February 2011 Exhibition in gallery Vysočina, Czech Republic, EU. Fashion collection Orchid masdevallia.


June 2010  1st prize in competition Fashion inspiration pop art held in Tatra gallery, Poprad, Slovak Republic. Fashion collection Pop art girl and boy.


June 2010 Attendance at Prague fashion games international grand finale. Czech republic, EU, Fashion collection All or nothing.


June 2009 Prague fashion games, prize of jury. Collection Africa touch. Czech Republic, EU.


June 2008 Createeurope Goethe institut Berlin, Germany, EU. Attendance at international competition.


July 2008 Nomination on fashion designer of the year. International competition, 10 finalists. Trenčín, Slovak Republic, EU.


August 2008 Fashion show during the world congress of photographers in Ružomberok, Slovak Republic, EU.


December 2008 Pass the uniform concept of Slovak alpine rescuers.


June 2008  Prague fashion games 3rd prize, fashion collection Folk culture. Czech Republic, EU.


2007 Presentation at Prague fashion games, international final 8 finalists. Fashion collection Butterfly dancing. Czech Republic, EU.


2007 Presentation at Lýdia Eckhardt fashion show, Ružomberok, Slovak Republic, EU.




Short selection of articles / conferences

HRUBOŠOVÁ, Zuzana. Alternatives of 3D applications for visual disable people. In: AUTHORSHIP, Collective. Workshop for Ph.D. students of Faculty of Textile engineering and Faculty of Mechanical engineering, TUL. Liberec: Technical university of Liberec, 2016, s. 6. ISBN 978-80-7494-293-8.

HRUBOŠOVÁ, Zuzana. Textile Design with Integrated Smart Textile Applications. In: AUTHORSHIP, Collective. The Fiber Society 2016 Spring Conference: Textile Innovations―Opportunities and Challenges. University of Haute-Alsace Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Ingénieurs Sud-Alsace Mulhouse, France, 2016, s. 2. ISBN 978-2-9556560-0-6 (scopus)

HRUBOŠOVÁ, Zuzana. 3D printing of Braille Labelling for Blind People. In: AUTHORSHIP, Collective. 44th Textile Research Symposium. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi | Textile Machinery Society Japan, 2016, s. 6.  ISBN


HRUBOŠOVÁ, Zuzana. Profilometry method comparison on braille labelling,  In: AUTHORSHIP, Collective. 4th International Conference on Textile and Material Science 2014

Ruzomberok, Slovakia


HRUBOŠOVÁ, Zuzana. Braille labelling. In: AUTHORSHIP, Collective.

Book of proceedings of the 7th international textile, clothing & design conference 2014 Dubrovnik, Croatia


HRUBOŠOVÁ, Zuzana. 3D Braille applications. In: AUTHORSHIP, Collective.

Workshop for Ph.D. students of Faculty of textile engineering and Faculty of mechanical engineering, TUL. Rokytnice nad Jizerou, Czech Republic





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